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Club 608

iMeil now offers to companies the knowledge, experience, and strategy that have helped big companies to be successful. Club 608 is a series of solutions focused into offer an answer to your needs and objectives.

How Does Club 608 Works?
Via Club 608 you can request support to iMeil. The support is offered sending suggestions, based on our own experience, that allow you to solve your needs in a fast, effective, and practical way. The topics we deal with, on Club 608, are related to marketing and internet.

This way, you can request suggestions in topics like the following:
Direct Marketing
Internet Marketing
And even more, Club 608 allows you to send questions related to any topic focused on marketing and internet. The questions are handled and answered via email messages. Later, you have to decide if whether you develop the suggestons by your own or you can request the development phase to be done by iMeil.

Note that Club 608 will not send you suggestions 'ready to use' nor campaigns 'ready to develop'. You will receive suggestions in which you will find new and different ways to prepare your proposals (whether to your clients or to key executives inside your company) or develop your programs (campaigns.)

What Does Club 608 Includes?
Along with the questions you send to receive suggestions, you will receive frequently:
  • NewsLetter with information focused on marketing and internet and solutions you could implement on your company.
  • Brief lessons aimed to learning.
  • Personalized support focused to your needs.
What Are the Benefits Club 608 Offers?
  • Costs reduction.
  • Knowledge gain and share.
  • Global vision solutions and strategies.
  • Get support from knowledge with proven experience.
Club 608
     Global Vision Solutions
     Select a solution.
Direct Marketing / CRM
Internet Marketing
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