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Services: if you need a website

iMeil solutions cover from planning to full administration and management of your website.

On section Internet Marketing you will find iMeil services to plan, develop and manage your internet project: brand sites, portals, virtual communities, Landing Pages or eBusiness solutions.

For all offered services, iMeil let you know what will be the technical specifications before starting to develop any activity, This way you can evaluate the impact the project will do to your finances in case you do not have such specifications in your company. If you do not have such specifications, iMeil will provide them to you contacting and negotation with third parties.

iMeil offers these services in a similar way as a dotCom or as a developer company (eBuilder), with the clear difference that we are focused to plan the strategy implementation and the development of programs that will help your efforts to get a higher level response.

Services include, but are not limited to, the following topics:
  1. Planning
    • Navigation (sections)
    • Content distribution
    • Structure, Information Architecture
    • Website commercialization
    • Metrics establishment
    • Reporting
  2. Creativity
    • Interface design
    • Corporate branding adaptation
    • Content generation (copywriting)
  3. Programming
    • Database management
    • Website development, mainly using ASP (Active Server Pages)
    • Interactive forms implementation (registration, contact, polls)
    • Implementation of applications (modules, blogs, forums)
It is important to notice that we try to take advantage of your own resources, technology and people, with the aim to establish a strong partner relation with your company, instead of only a normal and simple temporary service.

If you request it, however, iMeil will be on charge of the entire management of your projects.

Contact us to request this service or for further information.

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