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Marketing Information System (M.I.S.)

Welcome to iMeil Marketing Information System. Here you will find articles, reference resources and a brief analysis of campaigns that are creating a high impact.

Our objective is to be the meeting point for any marketer to keep their knowledge up to date in topics of our area: marketing.

As any big project, the section is still in diapers and we will feed it constantly. Yes!, we are requesting you to share your experiencies and send your own articles to be published here.

At the right side you can see the title iMeil Analiza. This section is intended to present analysis for the campaigns shown. The list will include companies that, actually, are impacting in a very positive way markets and, mostly, consumers.

Every one of the analysis will include your comments, which means you are free to send us your analysis of, at least, one of the companies shown in the list. In the event there is no comment or very few, the analysis will be done entirely by iMeil.

Send your analysis, suggestions or comments to
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